As a loving parent who’d do anything for your child, you’ll understandably be a little nervous at the thought of leaving your son or daughter in the hands of anyone new, so I’ll start off by explaining a bit about myself.

My name is Lauren Craze and I am a fully qualified Ofsted registered childminder in the Falmouth area. I am 28 years of age and I have been a childminder for over four years now. I also take care of my own little bundle of energy, Marley, who’s one year old.

I am qualified to Level 3 in childcare, so from the moment you drop off your child at the front door you can rest-assured they are getting a top level of care. My house is a safe, friendly, home from home environment where your child will learn through play and activities according to the nationally recognised Early Years Foundation Studies programme.

My Four Core Beliefs



I believe that exploring outdoors plays an integral role in the development of every child. I hold a Full UK Driving licence to ensure that my mini-mob of kids can get out and about around Cornwall and make the most of our surroundings.

Each and every day your child will be less than a 5-minute walk from Swan Pool for some fun feeding the ducks – a Lauren’s Childminding favourite! And a further 5 minutes will take your child to the beach – so remember to pack those wellies!

And what about when the weather is bad you ask? – It certainly never stops us having fun! We enjoy a wide range of activities within the home environment too such as crafts, baking, musical time, stories and role play.



I believe that the level of each child’s creativity is directly related to his or her self-confidence. It is self-confidence that forms the key to unlocking every child’s future; from having the courage to meet new friends when in school to believing in their own academic ability. It is for this reason that I make every day an adventure at Lauren’s Childminding, helping every young child to venture outside of his or her comfort zone on a regular basis.

It is heartwarming to see how the older children in my care have benefited from this approach over the years as they now act as leaders and conscientious role models that the youngest look up to.



Your child will only be young once. They will forever look back at their first memories for the rest of their life – so we should make them amazing right!? Fortunately, our surroundings here in beautiful Cornwall lend themselves to the formation of great memories.

There are few places that Lauren’s Childminding has not left a scattering of miniature footprints with regular adventures to Helston, St Agnes, Redruth and Mevagissy to name just a few. Special outings to Flambards and Raze the Roof also leave long-lasting smiles on every child’s face.

I also see the benefits in working closely with other childminders in the local area. Every so often we team up together for group outings, allowing children to meet new friends and make memories together.



With a limit of no more than six children in my care at any one time, you can rest-assured that I will really get to know your child as an individual.

Key principals learnt at home will be echoed every day under my care. It is through small group numbers that I can keep a watchful eye on how the children in my care interact, how they share toys, how they include each other and so much more. I believe that teaching such core values at a young age plays an essential role in the development of kind and caring personalities.

latest news

A Trip to Penrose

On Thursday 12 April, we joined forces with local childminder Teresa for a big group trip to Penrose, a National Trust property.

flexible childcare

Whether you’re an early riser or someone who likes that extra half-hour in bed, you’ll be able to take advantage of flexible morning hours with arrivals accepted anytime from 7.30am and beyond.

My general opening hours are 7.30am to 5pm, Mondays to Thursdays. However, I understand that it can be difficult for parents to stick to a rigid plan. So the next time something unexpected crops up don’t worry – being flexible is all part of the service.

location in falmouth

My location makes for hassle-free drop off and pick ups with ample amounts of parking. I am located on King Charles Street (off from Goldenbank) in Falmouth, nestled in towards the end of a cul-de-sac.

The close proximity to central Falmouth means that parents rarely have to go out of their way to reach us.

Lets Talk

Picking a new childminder to take care of your son or daughter will undoubtedly fill you with a little bit of apprehension. It is for this reason that I encourage all prospective parents to come over for an informal cuppa and a chat before making any commitments. Call me on 07402 775943 today or email lauren.craze10@gmail.com to arrange a visit.